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1some necessary equipment as well as food and clothes ________(be) sent to the disaster­hit area since the floods occurred.

答案:has benn 考查主谓一致。主语是some necessary equipmentequipment为不可数名词,所以谓语动词用单数形式。时间状语为since+过去时,所以用完成时。

2to be mentally healthy, you need to build________ good relationship with each other.

答案:up 考查动词短语。句意:为了精神健康,你们相互之间需要建立良好的关系。build up建立;树立,符合语境。

3it is sleeping late in the morning that leads to ________ (be) late for work.

答案:being 该句为强调句型,强调的是句子主语“sleeping late in the morning”lead to导致to是介词,符合语境。

4my mother doesn't want to find a job and would rather ________(stay) at home and be a housewife.

答案:stay 考查would rather的用法。句意:我妈妈不想找工作,她宁愿待在家里做一名家庭主妇。would rather后加动词时应用动词原形。

5thanks ________ the teacher's help, he has made great progress in english study.

答案:to 句意:多亏了老师的帮助,他的英语学习取得了很大进步。thanks to为介词短语,意为多亏了;由于;因为

6—what has made him upset recently?

—________(leave) alone to face the troublesome case.

答案:being left 考查动词­ing形式作主语。句意:——是什么让他最近这么焦虑?——独自被留下来面对问题事件。答语是只保留了主语的省略句,且heleave之间是被动关系,所以用动名词的被动式。

7this is a ________(confuse) problem, which can be seen from her ________(confuse) look.

答案:confusing; confused 考查confuse的用法。句意:从她那困惑的表情上可以看出这是一个令人困惑的问题。confused困惑的;迷惑不解的confusing使人困惑的;令人迷惑的

8they are working hard to keep sorghum and peanut ________ from being destroyed by pests and chemicals.

答案:free 句意:他们正在努力工作保护高梁和花生免遭害虫和化学物质的破坏。keep...free from...使……免遭……侵害

9—since you didn't agree with him, why didn't you raise objections at the meeting?

—well, now i regret not ________ (do) that.

答案:doing 考查regret的用法。句意:——既然你不同意他的话,为什么不在会议上提出反对呢?——噢,现在我后悔没那样做了。regret not doing后悔没有做……”

10she is always working hard as she is never ________(satisfy) with what she's got.

答案:satisfied 句意:她一直在努力工作,因为她从不满足于她所得到的。be satisfied with……感到满意,符合句意。


an average 30­year­old person who has eaten three meals a day since birth has eaten more than 30,000 meals to date. even if you've only eaten half that much you have to admit this: you've let some of that breakfast, lunch or dinner go to waste. and it turns out we're all to blame for this shaming fact: 30% of all food produced in the world each year is wasted or lost. that's about 1.3 billion tons, according to a new report by the u. n. food and agriculture organization.

that's the weight of more than 8.6 million full­grown blue whales,  the largest creatures on earth.  that's the weight of more than 2.3 million airbus a380s, the largest planes in existence. that's as if each person in china, the world's most populous country with more than 1.3 billion people, had one ton mass of food they could just throw into the dustbin. it's almost unfathomable,_isn't it?

setting aside that big number, we find the people with the most money are the ones who waste the most. per capita (人均), european and north american countries waste between 95 and 115 kilograms of food. sub­saharan african, south asian and southeast asian countries waste much, much less—between 6 and 11 kilograms per person.

here's another statistic: all the food that the world's richest countries waste is about equal to all the food that sub­saharan africa produces.  the numbers: 222 million tons and 230 million tons, respectively (分别地). basically, the wasted food of the rich could feed much of the african continent. and these numbers come as we've just been reporting about rising food prices around the world in the past week.

and my own personal tip: if i eat at a restaurant and can't finish it all, i ask for a doggie bag. i used to be a waiter years ago and will never forget the amounts of food i saw left on the table after the bill was paid. there's no reason to waste food. it's up to all of us to use our common sense to eat and shop just a bit more wisely.


1according to the u. n. food and agriculture organization, how much food do people produce each year in the   world?

aabout 3.3 billion tons.   babout 3.9 billion tons.

cabout 4.3 billion tons. dabout 5.6 billion tons.

答案:c 细节理解题。根据第一段最后两句话可知,每年全球生产的所有食物中,30%被浪费或丢失,约有13亿吨,由此可以计算出每年的食物产量为13亿吨÷30%43亿吨。

2what does the underlined word “unfathomable” in paragraph 2 mean?

apossible to imagine.   bimpossible to change.

cimpossible to understand.   dpossible to understand.

答案:c 词义猜测题。根据第二段的叙述可知:每年浪费的食物的重量超过了860万头地球上最大的动物蓝鲸的重量,也超过了230万架世界上现有的最大的飞机a380空中客车的重量。这也好比在世界拥有超过13亿人的人口最多的中国,人均向垃圾桶里倾倒一吨的食物。由此可推知这种现象使人难以理解。unfathomable意为难以理解的

3it can be learned that the food the rich waste can support ________.

ahalf the people in europe

bmost people of america

cmost people of asia

dmost people of africa

答案:d 细节理解题。根据第四段倒数第二句“basically, the wasted food of the rich could feed much of the african continent”可推知,富有的国家浪费的食物可以养活非洲大陆大部分地区的人。

4the author gave his personal tip based on the fact that ______.

ahe was once very poor

bhe was once a farmer

che once worked in a restaurant

dthe price of food is very high

答案:c 细节理解题。根据最后一段第二句“i used to be a waiter years ago and will never forget the amounts of food i saw left on the table after the bill was piad.”可知,作者的建议是根据他曾是一个餐馆服务员的工作经历而给出的。

5what is the purpose of this article?

ato show the author's opinion of food.

bto let us live more wisely and not waste food.

cto show the amount of wasted food a year.

dto ask the richest countries to help african people.

答案:b 写作目的题。根据第一段倒数第二句话“and it turns out we're all to blame for this shaming fact: 30% of all food produced in the world each year is wasted lost.”和最后一段最后两句话“there's reason to waste food. it's up to all of us to use our common sense to eat and shop just a bit more wisely.”可推知,文章的写作目的在于让人们不要浪费食物,更明智地生活。


i became a gardener when i was twelve. my early __1__ of gardening may not have originated from my love for nature. it was to __2__ my parents.

at that time, we had a big yard in which a beautiful maple tree stood. but my mother often looked with __3__ at this work of natural art. those golden leaves seemed like tons of rubbish to her, something else to __4__ seeing the neighbors busy with gardening, my father even thought it a waste of time.

at that age, i always did something __5__ to whatever my parents did! if gardening were something they found __6__, i would plant a garden!

i planted some lily(百合花)seeds in the yard. but they failed to __7__. i continued to plant sunflower seeds and roses. wild __8__ joy, i found the first rose bloom(开花). one by one, the flowers bloomed their heads off. __9__, i was touched by this land of wonder.

__10__, my parents showed no interest in my garden. my father even __11__ at me because he found it was __12__ to move around my garden to the driveway. to my mother's __13__, i put in her vase my real roses which, in her eyes, were simply weeds __14__ flowers.

regardless of their __15__, i kept on planting my garden and __16__ to enjoy the pleasure gardening. plants make such good companions: they breathe, they bloom, they __17__ to care and love.

it has been many years since i made my first garden out of my desire to __18__ my parent. today i become known as mrs. greenthumbs, teaching gardening and hosting a gardening show which makes my parents feel very __19__. and now i could say it is my affection for __20__ that makes me a real gardener.   


1a.memory   bdream

cintention   ddesign

答案:c 我早期想从事园艺业的打算可能不是来自于对大自然的爱。intention意图,打算memory记忆dream梦想design设计










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